Insulating sleeves

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Our mission is also our passion and has been for almost 80 years. We offer solutions for our customers that are innovative, competent and above all tailored to the needs of each individual. Why? Because we are close to our customers, in close contact with each other and work in a solution-oriented manner. We are forward-looking, further develop our products for you so that you not only are up-to-date, but also a decisive step ahead of the game with us.

Complete overview of our products in the insulating sleeves area

Product overview of insulating sleeves

“Energy costs” and “reduction of CO2 emissions” are buzzwords that we hear and read about across all media today. The increasing energy costs are an issue in every company.

With our Gräff – ISOMA insulation sleeve, you can reduce heat loss through heat conduction and minimize the power consumption by improving the thermal efficiency, or achieve a shorter heating time with the same heating capacity.

As a contribution to energy cost reduction, a consumption minimization of between 20 – 40% can be realized, depending on the design and application.
Other substantial advantages are a faster thermal adjustment of the cylinder to the desired operating temperature, an increase in occupational safety by lowering the surface temperature and a noticeable improvement in the indoor climate in the production halls.

Installation of the Gräff – ISOMA insulation sleeve is possible anytime on new or also on existing production machines.

Insulating sleeves



Measuring insert with connection socket

We solve countless and highly complex tasks every day. Maybe yours soon?

Marion Hupperich

Managing Director Gräff GmbH

We solve countless and highly complex tasks every day. Maybe yours soon?

Marion Hupperich

Managing Director Gräff GmbH

Thermocouples and resistance thermometers

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We offer more than 5,000 different thermocouples and resistance thermometers. With more than 20,000 possible variations. And yet, we are continuously developing new, tailored solutions – for every challenge, for every industry.

  • Plastics industry

  • Food industry

  • Raw material refining industry

  • Metalworking

  • Furnace construction

  • Waste management

  • Automotive industry

  • Plant and mechanical engineering

  • Construction industry

  • Glass industry
  • Textile industry

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